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Field emission SEM

> Sample type:film, fiber
> Abstract:At the maximum magnification of 800,000 times, the signal of pure secondary electrons, mixed second...

Atomic Force Microscope

> Brand:Park System
> Sample type:Conductor silicon wafers, etching masks, magnetic media, CD/DVD, biomaterials, optical materials and other samples
> Abstract:Automated atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy techniques can be used to meas...

Nano Indenter G200

> Brand:KLA
> Sample type: Semiconductor devices, thin films, hard coatings, DLC thin films, composite materials, optical fibers, polymer materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, lead-free solders, biomaterials, biological and bionic tissues
> Abstract:Instrumental pressing and marking at the nanometer/microscopic scale, mainly used for testing the e...

Nanometer tension tester

> Brand:KLA
> Sample type:Fibers and biomaterials
> Abstract:Dynamic study of various fibers and biomaterials, tensile and compression properties of polymers, y...


> Brand:KLA
> Sample type:Film, fiber, metal, etc.
> Abstract:The maximum scanning length is ≥55mm, the maximum sample thickness allowed by the test is ≥50mm, th...

Lithium battery test

> Brand:SNPC
> Sample type:Lithium batteries, battery materials, etc.
> Abstract:Conduct battery safety performance and electrical performance testing, provide high-end material an...